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Commercial Led Christmas Tree

​Commerical LED Christmas tree can be custom for outdoor decorations. We have all sizes of commerical grade christmas light. Let our lighted tree LED decoration in pre-lit be your choice.

Commercial Led Christmas Tree

Commerical LED Christmas tree can be custom for outdoor decorations. Like reindeer led outdoor, we have all sizes of commerical grade christmas light that suit the public place. This large commerical Christmas tree lights can be ideal to spread light and hope on the street for passers by.

The size of Christmas tree varies from 10 ft. (3M) to 100 ft (30M). Frame rings are often used to to build tall Christmas trees for the sake of stability, while for smaller commercial Christmas trees, they are made as pole trees. There are dozens of commercial LED Christmas trees both include frame and pole trees custom to your design. and can meet specific holiday decorating needs.

Product name

3M/3.5M Christmas Tree


Motif-tree 3 & 3.5








Aluminum frame, rope light

Number of LED

850L &1800L

LED color

Cool white

Power supply

IP44 24V Transformer

IP Rating


Cable Type


Cable Color


Leading cable




Master Carton Size


Packing Rate



1.Holiday   decoration, such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Easter, etc.
2.Home Decoration



This product is intended fordecoration only,not to be used by children as a toy and not intended forhousehold illumination.

What Makes a Christmas LED Light Commercial Grade?

Commercial led trees features are different from design and products but may share something in common like...

  • watertight light that can be water resist with a connection of end to end

  • Entire constructions for the LED light lense and husks to prevent water

  • Quality lights with certificate that ensures the color consistent

  • Durable and strong materials that extend the light longevity 

  • Highly customized lights in terms of lengths and configurations 

  • Thicker gauge wiring is accessable in our commerical grade lights that fits in local electrical codes

Commercial Christmas lights are various but we have summerised the above features and highlighted some factors in LED lighting for commerce 

Commercial LED Christmas Lights for Water Resistence

LED light strings for commercial purpose equipped with co-axial connectors are popular styles of commercial Christmas lights because of the outstanding durability. The co-axial screw provides a stronger bond that can hardly be broken compared with traditional ones and a outdoor seal helps prevent any wet particles from eroding the whole lights. This constructions of commerical LED christmas lights make the tree shine longer and keep the tree light intact. Also it allows hardwire bulbs to be stuck into the socket without being removed which keeping the water outside of the bulbs of the tree. 

Commercial LED Light Bulbs

Our commerical grade LED bulbs are manufactured with highly durable materials that are under tests with certificate. We used the best bulbs that are constructed with strong material like polycarbonate which makes our christmas tree lights more endurable. Compared to traditional bulbs made of glass, our commerical grade LED bulbs are manufactured with high grade materials that can be far more stronger and are consistent in color and light dispersement.

Commercial Christmas Light Strings & Spools

Commerical christmas light installers tend to use E12 & E17 bulk light strings which are considered better grade compared with lingting projects with uncommon space measurements. As this types of commerical LED light can customize the length and size of light strings or spools. Our outdoor commerical LED stings or spool are tested and certified for water resist which are suitable for long time applications.

FAQ about Designed Commerical LED Christmas Tree

What's the difference between the frame tree and pole tree?

The basic difference is the size. A pole tree structure is usually less than 10-12ft (3M) and without the worry about stability. However, a frame tree requries higher stability as it's taller and thereby need crafted carefully. 

How difficult to assemble a frame tree and a pole tree?

A pole tree can be assembled by one adult within 1 hour or even less. But for a frame tree over 20 ft, it might take 4hs with 2-3 people. However, we have the assembly guide for you and spare your worry of that. It is suggested that ladders and scissor lifts might be used while assemble the LED Christmas tree.

Check our assembly guide here

Christmas Tree Light Assembly Guide.pdf

Commercial Led Christmas Tree

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