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Outdoor Warm White Small LED Ball Globe String Lights

 Item No.:20020BL-WW-2
 20 light bulbs, total length 7.75M
 Warm white color
 Bulb with lamp holder height 9cm
 Bulb diameter 5cm
 40cm light distance
 15cm lead cable
 24V 9W transformer with 8 functions
 LED lights use up to 90% less energy
 Material: rubber, Copper, LED
 With connectors for extension

White Globe Ball String Lights for Outdoor




This cheap lights are 7.75M long with 20 bulbs. Diameter of the balls are 5cm. Bulbs are warm white color,  Color of the lights are custom, it can be warm white, RGB etc. Warm white is the most popular color. We also make festoon bulbs to match the festoon lights, such as G45 led bulbs, S14 led bulbs, A60 led bulbs, G80 led bulbs, G40 led bulbs, A60 led bulbs, B19 led bulbs, etc.


All the balls are made with quality PVC, and they are empty inside. Comparing with the solid balls, these hallow balls are much lighter. Because of this, it is much easier for you to install them. Meanwhile, as the cable doesnt need to resist too much weight, it has a much longer life span.


Festoon lights are the decoration lights for parties, weddings, festivals and celebrations of all kinds. They can be used for a magical Christmas display or for a memorable summer party. However you may just want to use them to liven up your outdoor space. If you are planning a large celebration or event this kind of lighting will really get the party going, and help to make it am impressed night to be remembered.

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