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Our Factories

Purespace is our overseas factory which located in Jonor,Malaysia. It was founded in 2019 and running under ISO9001:2015 certificate,ranging from down lights,track lights to table lights.Purespace focuses on creating high quality and good performance products and it had just been approved to use the National Mark of Malaysia Brand which represents the highest in standards of Quality, Excellence and Distinction.
Evermore Lighting (Huoqiu), Ltd in Lu'an, Anhui Province, as our associated factory, is specialized in manufacturing professional lights, ranging from rubber string lights, rope lights, to motif lights. It is running under the systems of BSCI, ISO9001: 2015 and Metro. Most of motif lights are recognized by professional engineering customers.
Linhai Changshuo Lighting Co., Ltd is specialized in led Christmas lights, tree lights and other decorative lights. Under the guideline of BSCI, ISO9001 : 2015, Wal-Mart, Target as well as CE certifications, our products are widely exported to European and North American markets, with 20% to USA and 55% to Europe. They are widely seen in famous supermarket chains.

We are researchers and manufacturers of high-end environment lighting, and we provide service for whoever wants to appreciate and create beauty.

At Hangzhou Shihong Lighting co., Ltd – a brand-new enterprise founded in 2019 – we operate according to the principle ever since our business started, that we - as lighting manufacturers and service providers - must provide our customers with products that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and highly efficient at the same time.
So far, we have worked hard to minimize the environmental impacts of our products and manufacturing process, aiming to further improve the energy efficiency of our company.

Working on a range of environment, we offer an impressive selection of intelligent illumination control systems, motif lighting, and LED lights. All of our products are designed to make the landscapes more dramatic for viewing and safer for traversing.

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