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3D Motif Light
Make imaginaton tangiable and light it up with our design!  
3D Motif Light
3D Motif Light

Holiday Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier

Evermore Lighting was founded in 1998 with a goal in mind: to offer best quality and service of our decoration light design with affordable price.  Our products include large LED lights, decorative street lights, decorative string lights,  best outdoor Christmas lights, outdoor commercial holiday lights, LED string lights, LED garden lights, LED rope lights, germicidal uv light etc. We’ve been selling holiday lights and commercial festival light decorations since 1998. No matter it's a large commerical Christmas light for public or some small LED decorations light for home, we are devotated to light decoration and believe we can offer you happiness through our carefully designed light. 

LED Decorative Lights

Evermore makes imagination tangibale and light it up with our design
Motif Light
Decorative motif lights produced by Evermore can be seen on every holiday. Our motif light includes LED motif light, decoravtive street and night lights, and some outdoor lighting projects. No matter it's a large LED lights or small decorative LED lights, we can all tailor to your need! 

Our lighting is quite impressive thanks to the unique design and outstanding quality of our products. The large-scale decorative lighting products of Evermore are designed by a crew of professional senior designers, covering Christmas tree shaped lights, LED palm tree, LED willow tree, wind chime lights, light balls, and other motif lights in various shapes such as snowman, Santa, angel, and animal. 

Holiday Decoration Light

Here you can find not only all kinds of holiday decoration lights, like Christmas lights, string lights, rope lights and neon lights, but also some commerical light projects like the large LED lights in all kinds of shapes and decoration street lights. We also have the latest gift LED lights, like copper wire string lights. We hope our lights will bring you a brilliant and wonderful holiday!
Evermore is a manufacturer engaged in the production of LED festive & Christmas lights. From Christmas lights creating cheerful displays, patio string lights brightening the garden, to Halloween lights taking decoration to a frightful level, we provide you with various lighting solutions at your reunions with family and friends.
The versatile seasonal and decorative lighting products are exquisitely designed and made of environmental-friendly materials. 

We have the confidence to help you in featuring an atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity with our products.

Home Decor Lights

For home decoration lights, we have all kinds of cozy LED lighting decoration in all kinds of shapes. We know home is a sweet and warm place to you and what we do is to zoom this feeling. That's why we offer you our crafted decoration lights to add extra warmness and sweetness to your place. With our home decor lights, a snow ball lighting or animal shaped decorations, we can help decorate the room into a cozy and artistic space.

We are a LED light manufacturer  engaged in LED household lighting covering nightlights, candle-shaped lights, neon lights, table lamps, and acrylic lights. 
We provide you with lighting solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your every inspiration in home design and add color to your life.

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