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Holiday Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier

Evermore Lighting was founded in 1998 with a goal in mind: to offer best quality and service of our decoration light design.  We are not only holiday lighting manufacturer, but a group of enthusiasts that wants to present our lighting and design ideas to our customers and partners. We update our products each month with various themes to offer 
more options to our partners. No matter it's a large commercial Christmas light for public or some small LED decorations light for home like reindeer led outdoor
we are devoted to light decoration and believe we can offer you happiness through our carefully designed light.
Motif Light by Evermore
Evermore produces decorative motif lights perfect for every holiday. If you have a motif you'd like to turn into a LED light for holiday use, we can help. The photos provided are just samples, as our team can create any size and image you request! If you want a unique LED decoration but don't have a specific image in mind, come talk to us. Whether it's a word or a vague idea, we can transform it into a stunning design.
Why Choose Evermore Lighting?
Unique Design: Our lighting stands out with its unique design.
Top Quality: We ensure the highest quality

Holiday Decoration Light

Our holiday decoration light program caters to both public spaces, such as street decorations, and private settings, like garden lighting and backyard adornments. We recognize that millions of holiday lighting decorations, especially for occasions like Christmas, often feature similar and repetitive designs. At Evermore, we strive to break the mold. Through our innovative designs and meticulously crafted lighting, we offer something special and captivating.
Our goal is to ensure our partners are delighted by creating unique features tailored to their needs. Share your ideas with us, and together, we’ll craft your distinctive holiday decoration light.

Home Decor Lights

Home is where the heart is, and our mission is to amplify this feeling by offering beautifully crafted decoration lights. From snowball lighting to animal-shaped decorations, our lights can turn any room into a cozy and artistic haven.
Our product range includes:
Nightlights: Perfect for creating a soothing ambiance in bedrooms and nurseries.
•Candle-shaped lights: Combine the charm of traditional candles with the safety and efficiency of LEDs.
Neon lights: Add a vibrant and modern touch to any room with customizable neon designs.
Table lamps: Stylish and functional, our table lamps are ideal for workspaces and living areas.
Acrylic lights: These unique lights offer a contemporary aesthetic with a variety of designs to suit any decor.
We provide lighting solutions tailored to meet your every inspiration in home design, adding color and warmth to your life. Explore our range and discover how our home decor lights can transform your space into a cozy and artistic sanctuary.

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